Kitchen Accessories

Beauties that will aggrandize your dream kitchen, such as the unique tiny details that make up the snowflake. From smart storage solutions to complementary cabinet handles, we have accessories that make up whole space to suit any style.
Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

Whether you want to create a new style, to increase your insufficient storage space, or to feel more free-spirited, our smart storage solutions will touch your soul with their innovative and technological system.

Kitchen Door Hinges

Door Hinges

Choose from our selection of elegant classic handles and sleek modern hinges to find the perfect finishing touch for your cupboards or drawers. All our hinges are designed for comfort and ease of use. Explore different finishes and colors like brass, nickel, copper, chrome and matt black.


Kitchen Lighting

Get ready to shine your star. Set the right mood with our under-cabinet or in-cabinet lightning, so you can not only cook with confidence but showcase your favorite crockery.