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"Bienal designed 1 of the 10 most beautiful–and functional–closet systems around."

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"Not like your typical closet company, we are amazed."

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"Handles the full closet remodel from start to finish."

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"Sit back while neglected storages are remade."

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"Reimagined the home renovation experience"

Why Bienal Cabinets

Bienal Family Owned Local Company

Family owned local company

All our kitchen cabinets are manufactured in America & Europe as a way of creating more jobs, keeping to the high American standard of quality, shorten lead time, and reduce delivery cost.

What Makes Bienal Unique

50+ years experience

At Bienal Cabinets, we are on a mission to bring quality closet to every household in America. As professional cabinet organizers, we strive to bring quality, organization, and comfort to your kitchen.

Highest Quality Material Standard | Kitchen Remodeling

High quality material standards

We use high-quality materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture.

Happy Customers

4500+ happy customers

More than 4500 of our previous clients leaving five-star reviews we are encouraged to continue delivering you with the best of service!

Castor Kitchen

Fine Remodeling Experience

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen and upgrade its components with the best materials, look no further than Bienal Cabinets.

We have a wide range of options available so that every part will match seamlessly together – from walls & floor finishes; to countertops colors/stains, etc.; we can offer it!

Contact us today if this is something that interests you because our designers would love to talk about your dream kitchen.

Renovation is Our Passion.

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, you want the result to be satisfying. You should reach out to a company with credentials and a reputation that can help make this happen!

At Bienal Cabinets, we provide quality products while ensuring satisfaction by offering affordable prices- just what our customers need to have their dream kitchens come true.

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Types of Kitchen Remodels

Come and let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams. We have three options to choose from, depending on what kind of space or budget we’ll be working with!


Pull-and-Replace Designs

When your kitchen layout is outdated, it may be time to consider a "pull and replace" remodel. This process entails destroying an old space for you to create something new - like all new materials or appliances!

Free Design Consultation

Cosmetic Kitchen Remodels

Cosmetic changes like new countertops, tile backsplash, and cabinet hardware can transform any kitchen. The proper cosmetic updates will add value to your home while making it more functional for you!

Installing Your Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Bienal Cabinets can help you create a kitchen that functions as both an efficient work space and gathering spot for friends, family members or guests. They'll use their expertise in design to find out what's most important when it comes to make your new room fit its purpose - whether this means expanding upon existing square feet by joining two rooms together at some point during the construction process so they have an enough open floor plan without compromising on storage options along the way!

We offer a free in-home or virtual survey service. This is where your Bienal Cabinets designer will come and double-check your measurements before we begin assembling your kitchen.

What our customers are saying​

Google Review Bienal Closets 2 | Kitchen Remodeling
Houzz Review Bienal Closets 2 | Kitchen Remodeling
Houzz Badges | Kitchen Remodeling
Facebook Bienal Closets Reviews | Kitchen Remodeling
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"Bienal designed 1 of the 10 most beautiful–and functional–closet systems around."

House Beautiful Logo | Kitchen Remodeling

"Not like your typical closet company, we are amazed."

Apartment Therapy Logo | Kitchen Remodeling

"Handles the full closet remodel from start to finish."

Elle Decor Logo | Kitchen Remodeling

"Sit back while neglected storages are remade."

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"Reimagined the home renovation experience"

Free design consultation

Free kitchen design service

Visit our authorized stores and see our samples to get information by meeting face to face with our authorized sales representative.

Make an appointment for a virtual meeting and design together with our designers online.

After the process you will be able to get 3D visuals, detailed drawings and a quote.

Save, view and confirm your design and quote online in your CRM account.

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Our story

With our expertise of more than 50 years, transforming the project of your dreams into reality is not only a job for us. It is a passion project that comes straight from our hearts.

Our Services
Our services

Quality is our priority. The services we offer and the quality of Bienal Cabinets are constantly advancing with the developing technology.

Our Kitchens

Our kitchens

Our timeless and passionate kitchens will lead you on the way to the design you desire

Frequently Asked Questions

A kitchen remodel is one of the most expensive home improvement projects, and the cost varies greatly depending on your materials and design choices. Generally speaking, new cabinets will be one of the largest expenses in a kitchen renovation. The quality of your cabinets makes a huge difference in terms of cost—fancier materials like wood veneers or exotic woods are significantly more expensive than laminate or particle board options. Customized shapes and sizes might also drive up prices significantly since they require specialized craftsmanship.

Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, range hoods, microwaves and sinks can also add to your total costs. Range hoods are particularly pricy due to their ventilation components while freestanding islands with countertops often represent a significant investment as well if you choose higher-end materials like marble or granite for surfaces that require custom fabrication by an experienced stone mason. If you opt for all new appliances, expect to set aside at least 5% – 10% more than what you budgeted when researching appliances online as many retailers offer bundles that can save money over purchasing items individually.

Even if you choose lower-cost cabinet and appliance options, unexpected remodeling costs—like replacing electrical wiring or plumbing fixtures—can increase final bills substantially so it’s important to discuss any potential issues with contractors before signing contracts and starting any work which may include additional timeframes for unexpected repairs or upgrades too!

Reworking a kitchen can be a daunting and costly undertaking. The cost will vary depending on the scope of the project, type of materials chosen, as well as labor costs. Generally speaking, you should expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 for a full kitchen remodel.

For smaller projects such as painting cabinets or installing new countertops and light fixtures, expect to pay around $2,500-$5,000. For mid-level reworks involving new flooring and some cabinetry work you may end up paying around $10,000 – $25,000. A more extensive remodel could run upwards of $30k -$50k if you’re replacing major appliances such as refrigerators and stoves or adding amenities like an island or built-in features like extra seating counters with custom detailed cabinetry work included.

It is also important to keep in mind that labor makes up about 30% of the overall cost when it comes to any sort of home renovation project so make sure you get quotes from at least three reliable contractors before committing to any type of work in order to get the best deal possible and avoid running over budget!

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting but daunting task. However, with careful planning, you can create a stunning new look for this important room in your home. Here are some tips to help guide you through the process:

Make a plan—Start by setting goals and deciding how much of the remodel you want to do yourself. Consider factors such as budget, timeline, kitchen layout and desired outcomes before deciding what changes need to be made. Once you’ve got an idea of the scope of your project, choose materials that will fit within those parameters while also matching your style preferences.

Choose the right appliances—Find appliances that not only match with other elements in the design (for example color or finish), but also provide great functionality for daily use. This is particularly important when considering items like ovens and cooktops as they can have a huge impact on cooking times and overall kitchen efficiency down the road.

Update existing features—Before adding anything new or too expensive, start by updating existing features such as cabinets or countertops instead so that you keep costs down but still achieve fantastic results! For example consider painting old cabinets a fresh coat of paint for added vibrancy; replacing outdated hardware; or choosing fun backsplashes to spruce up walls behind sinks and stoves etc., all of which can give aged spaces instant life!

4 .Choose best quality fixtures – It is advisable to select good quality fixtures like taps, faucets since they are used frequently in any ordinary day inside kitchens like turning on water taps while washing utensils & vegetables etc., Not only it helps behind ensuring more durability associated with these items but also making sure their functioning remain optimal throughout their lifespan without needing frequent repairs & replacements frequently giving even more savings related cost over time whereas bad quality ones might just cost more after taking into account repair/replacement cycles costs compared to investing upfront in good ones directly at one go without wasting additional money later onwards resulting in total cost savings eventually apart from having longer lasting utilities providing better performance sensibly meeting all normal usage requirements efficiently being reliable always!.

5 . Remove unwanted clutter – You may find unnecessary items lying around the kitchen iike expired food packets , wierd devices or extra crockery sets which might never been used ever !! Use this opportunity wisely by first analyzing them which needs attention if needed otherwise declutter them completely freeing up extra space boosting usability transforming whole area beautifully pleasing charm improving aesthetics modernizing atmosphere rightly suiting individuals style preferences perfectly well maximizing performance values users looking forward towards achieving meeting household needs expectations rightfully seeking experiences deserved worth praising kindly elegantly!!

6 . Accessorize smartly – After major work has been done its time now accessorizing works brightly ! With various accessories available out there pick little pieces here & there bringing significant changes generating improved environment through small alterations entailing pleasant visual appeal lovely enchanting behavior leading way towards building nice persona granting luxury interior delightfully knowledgeable care introducing different ideas dynamically embracing culture profoundly welcoming meaningful cultures expressing fascinating knowledge required relevantly!!!

When planning a kitchen remodel, there are a variety of factors to consider. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your cooking and dining space or simply updating a few key features, the process requires careful thought and preparation.

A common part of most kitchen remodels is replacing the existing floors. Depending on your budget and needs, you may opt for hardwood flooring, tile, laminate, vinyl or cork boards as your preferred option. Additionally, if you have any special accessibility requirements in mind, these should be taken into account when choosing materials suitable for your renovation project.

Your cabinetry will also play an important role when carrying out a kitchen remodel. Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes with various designs available to suit any style preferences or functional needs you might have – from L-shape units to flat wall cabinets – so make sure to research options thoroughly before committing to one type over another.

One last aspect that many homeowners tend to forget about is lighting– this includes both overhead lamps as well as under cabinet lighting which can create an attractive visual effect throughout your entire kitchen area while making it easier for people of all ages (or heights!) who are accessing it day-to-day.

Whatever design choices you choose for your kitchen remodel project – make sure they align with both our taste preferences and practical usage need – allowing everyone involved in the process enjoy their time spent cooking!

Starting a kitchen remodeling project can be both exciting and daunting, but when done correctly, the end result is worth the effort. Before starting your project, it’s important to consider budgeting and timelines, floor plan design options & electrical layout considerations.

Budgeting: Having an accurate budget in mind is key to avoiding any financial surprises down the road. To start planning your budget you’ll need to determine how much you’re able to spend on materials as well as labor costs for installation and removal of old appliances or fixtures. If possible try visiting stores or taking samples home (if available) so you know exactly what type of products or finishes suits your style best. You can also browse websites for cost estimations which will help narrow down product ideas that fit within your desired budget range before moving forward with the purchase phase of your project!

Timeline: Establishing a timeline for completion is equally important when considering all aspects of a kitchen remodel – from demolition & framing all the way through plumbing and lighting fixture installations! It’s advised that homeowners allow at least six weeks minimum lead time from initial measurements being taken through completion depending on complexity of job size/scope – so if possible try setting realistic goals with room to accommodate any potential delays which may occur throughout this process.

Floor Plan Design Options: Consideration should be given towards designing efficient layouts between countertops, pantry space & major appliances like stoves/refrigerators among other items such as sink placement in relation to windows above etcetera prior making any final decisions towards appliance positioning during installation process (as this could impact overall look & flow). Additionally utilize online resources such as Houzz Interior Design Ideas app if possible – which allows user access towards over 16 million interior photos containing professional floor plans with detailed labeling creating context around various design elements consulted within industry designs alike!

Electrical Layout Considerations: When conversating wiring changes – confirm whether there are existing duplex receptacles present ,if new outlets are needed or even if current circuits require modifications including up-gradation based on anticipated load demand amongst other details before commencing construction in order prevent overload protection scenarios during peak usage times thus enhancing safety parameters during operation(This might necessitate a professional licenced electrician being brought onboard).

In conclusion while many factors must be taken into consideration while planning out remolding projects it pays dividends should these details be well thought out beforehand enabling seamless transition resulting successful realization of newly designed structure!

When it comes to kitchen remodels, hiring an architect is essential. Not only do they have the expertise and knowledge in designing and planning out a renovation that’s tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, they also play an important role in ensuring that all required building codes, materials inspections, permits, etc. are taken care of.

Choosing the right architecture firm can make or break any home improvement project – you want someone who understands both your budget as well as your goals for the final product. An experienced architect has the ability to design something functional yet aesthetically pleasing within a specified timeframe and cost range without compromising on quality or safety regulations.

Moreover, architects can often suggest unorthodox solutions that you may never have thought of – such as utilizing certain spaces more effectively or finding ways to maximize storage capacity while still maintaining a visually appealing look. They’re also familiar with different vendors in terms of hardware supplies and interior fixtures which can be useful when it comes time to source material deals for your project.

Overall, having an architect involved goes a long way when it comes to tackling high-stakes renovations like kitchen remodels – especially if you’re looking for highly custom designs and results within specific limitations (such as budgeting). The experience that these professionals bring is invaluable; not just because their ideas help give shape to what was once just an abstract concept in our minds but also because their guidance ensures we follow safe practices during construction work – ultimately making sure we get the desired outcome without putting ourselves at risk during execution!

Absolutely! Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment that can pay dividends for years to come. A kitchen renovation can not only increase the value of your home, but it can also make cooking and entertaining much more enjoyable.

In terms of financial benefits, remodeling costs are typically recoverable when you resell the home – in some cases up to 85%. In addition, upgraded appliances and extra features like building an island or adding cabinets will help make your kitchen feel more spacious and contemporary.

Remodeling your kitchen has additional benefits beyond just resale value too. Upgrading inefficient appliances such as refrigerators and stoves to Energy Star equivalents could save you hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills. Replacing old cabinetry with modern designs provides improved storage space allowing items to be neatly tucked away while providing easy access. Plus, having new countertops installed may make meal preparation easier due to being able to better wipe down surfaces after each use – which is particularly useful if you entertain often or have children coming in a lot from outside activities like sports or gardening projects!

Finally, remodeling also allows people to customize their cooking area with unique touches such as custom tile backsplashes or intricate crown moldings throughout the room- all of which will give you plenty of bragging rights when friends and family come over! Ultimately, there’s no denying that remodeling is worth it — it increases both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of one’s living space without breaking the bank account

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, the first step is planning. Taking the time to consider exactly what you want and need in your new kitchen will make the process much smoother. Start by drawing up a detailed budget that includes allowances for labor and materials. Spend some time evaluating your current needs and lifestyle, as well as things you would like to change about your kitchen space. Consider layout options such as moving major appliances or replacing countertops with an island or other feature that adds storage or extra workspace.

Once you have an idea of the design elements you’d like to incorporate into your kitchen renovation, it’s important to find a contractor who has experience working on these types of projects. Ask them for references from previous customers so you can get an idea of their work performance firsthand from someone else who has used their services before. Request bids from multiple contractors so you can compare estimates before selecting one vendor for the job at hand.

Additionally, if budget allows, consider investing in green products when undergoing a kitchen remodel – low-flow faucets and toilets, energy-saving light fixtures and other green items will save money over time while also helping preserve natural resources simultaneously! Finally remember that depending on what renovations are being done; it may be necessary to obtain a building permit prior to starting work on any part of the project – again checking with city hall beforehand is always wise!