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Better doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because every aspect of our business is properly considered and done with purpose and care. It’s what makes Bienal Cabinets better by design.

Bienal Workshop 1967

Workshop - 1967

The first wood workshop was established and started working on mid-scale furniture projects.

Local Projects - 1980

Dozens of local projects were completed, enabling a vast knowledge and experience in the furniture and construction industry, and creating relations with high quality suppliers and businesses.
Bienal Local Projects 1980
Bienal Cabinets factory 1 | Our Story

Factory - 1993

The first 10.000 square feet factory was opened. Fit-out services for larger-scale projects commenced and local recognition of the Bienal brand increased.

Expansion - 2003

A new 55.000 square feet factory was opened to provide in accordance with new demands, and exportation to international projects for hotels, resorts, residences, housing projects, institutions, hospitals, centers, retail stores and urban developments.
port baltimore | Our Story
Bienal US Market 2011

US Market - 2011

Entered into the North American market to provide projects and home-owners with customized closets and cabinets, and upholstered products.

Global Brand - 2015

More than 150 international projects and thousands of homes in the US were completed. The opening of a new 400.00 square feet factory increased production capacity, becoming one of the largest manufacturing facilities located in Turkey.
Bienal Global Brand 2015
Bienal Showrooms 2022

Showrooms - 2022

Launching of Bienal Showrooms in the US, expanding its custom closet and cabinet services and working with new dealerships.

Why Bienal Cabinets

Bienal Family Owned Local Company

Family owned local company

All our kitchen cabinets are manufactured in America & Europe as a way of creating more jobs, keeping to the high American standard of quality, shorten lead time, and reduce delivery cost.

What Makes Bienal Unique

50+ years experience

At Bienal Cabinets, we are on a mission to bring quality closet to every household in America. As professional cabinet organizers, we strive to bring quality, organization, and comfort to your kitchen.

Highest Quality Material Standard | Our Story

High quality material standards

We use high-quality materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture.

Happy Customers

4500+ happy customers

More than 4500 of our previous clients leaving five-star reviews we are encouraged to continue delivering you with the best of service!

How to buy a kitchen

How To Buy Bienal Cabinets

How to buy

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Our kitchens

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